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Omega Bloom

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Omega Bloom is a fast-acting, water soluble fish fertilizer that is made through enzymatic action that digests whole fish and converts it into a powerful bio-fertilizer for organic growing. Our hydrolyzed fish uses no heat in the production process which allows it to retain more proteins, amino acids, oils, vitamins, and micro nutrients as opposed to fish emulsions which utilizes heat and tends to burn off many of these beneficial properties. Our water soluble formula is thin enough to run through drip or other irrigation systems and is also effective through foliar spraying.

By using Omega Bloom, you will provide your plants with all the key nutrients it needs to increase the plants brix levels. Higher brix levels translate into healthy growth, higher resistance to pest and stressful conditions, and allows full maximum plant genetic expression. This fertilizer was designed to support bud site development, healthy roots, and strong stems. Omega Bloom contains high amounts of sugars and amino acids which are known to enhance terpene and oil production in flowers. If you want a powerful bloom formulation that will give you the most flavorful and aromatic fruits that are highly rich in mineral content then Omega Bloom is for you.

Why Omega Bloom?

• Contains macro nutrients for plant growth
• Rich in micro nutrients for plant growth
• Abundant amounts of amino acids and sugars that will feed soil microbes
• Contains naturally occuring enzymes
• Contains kelp which hold micro elements that help in plant growth
• Enzymatically processed which preserves beneficial properties
• Natural and organic formulation
• Aids in the growth of the most oily and fragrant flowers
• Builds resistance to stressful situation
• Enhances flowering and fruit development

Check and modify pH as needed for optimum performance


5-15ml per gallon of water

Shake well or stir before each use

Derived from: Fish protein hydrolysate, kelp, potassium sulfate, phosphoric acid


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