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MycoRhize is a powerful bio-stimulant and fungi blend formulated with humic acids, algae extracts, and 12 different species of mycorrhizal fungi to aid in plant growth. MycoRhize works by forming a symbiotic relationship with plant roots that effectively extends the reach of the root tips. Through this mechanism, the fungi play a critical role in providing nutrients to the plant that otherwise could have not been available for absorption. The amplified nutrient availability will promote plant growth, vigor, and increase yields.

Size: 12 oz

Why MycoRhize?

• Contains kelp which provides micro nutrients, alginic acids, cytokinins, and auxins
• Kelp is a known biostimulant that can aid in flower onset
• Contains humic acids which help improve soil quality, help in nutrient absorption, and stimluates microflora
• Contains 12 different species of fungi - the most diversity in the industry
• Diversity helps in many different plant functions, such as making nutrients available for plant absorption, nutrient transportation across root surfaces, protects against invasive pathogens, and solubilizes phosphorus among many more benefits
• Long shelf life
• Concentrated formula that makes 5 gallons per teaspoon - worth it's value
• Aids in the growth of lush and vigorous growth
• Builds resistance to stressful situations such as drought, cold & hot conditions
• 100% water soluble formulation
• 27.5% of active fungi - beware of other products who sell filler ingredients in their fungi blends
• Contains 35% humic acids and 35% kelp (Ascophyllm Nodosom)
• 2.5% free fatty acids that act as a surfactant



35.0% ... Humic Acids (Derived from leonardite)
35.0% ... Kelp (AScophyllm Nodosom)
Contains 12 species of mycorrhizal fungi :
Glomus intraradices ... Minimum 10 propagules/cmᶾ
Glomus mosseae ...  Minimum 7 propagules/cmᶾ
Glomus aggregatum ...  Minimum 7 propagules/cmᶾ
Glomus etunicatum ... Minimum 7 propagules/cmᶾ
Glomus clarum ... Minimum 7 propagules/cmᶾ
Glomus claroideum ... Minimum 7 propagules/cmᶾ
Glomus deserticola ... Minimum 7 propagules/cmᶾ
Pisolithus tinctorius ... Minimum 3.2 million propagules/cmᶾ
Rhizopogon villosulus ... Minimum 80,000 propagules/cmᶾ
Rhizopogon luteolus ... Minimum 80,000 propagules/cmᶾ
Rhizopogon amylopogon ... Minimum 80,000 propagules/cmᶾ
Rhizopogon fulvigleba ... Minimum 80,000 propagules/cmᶾ

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