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Developed in an advanced biotech process, FulBase is not like conventional fulvic acids in the market today. Manufactured in a process using microbes, our carbohydrate derived fulvic acid is a sustainable solution to current fulvic acid production methods. Leonardite is a type of low grade coal that is commonly used to extract fulvic and humic acids from. This method of obtaining fulvic and humic acids often involves mining of the Earth's surface that leaves behind environmental carbon foot prints as well as heavy metals in the resulting liquid solutions.
FulBase on the contrary is made from distilled grains, making it a plant derived safer sustainable alternative. Fulvic acid works by enhancing nutrient uptake and absorbability, helps promote root growth, encourages biological stimulation, and promotes overall plant wellness. For the conscious farmer, there is no better choice for fulvic acid than FulBase.

Why FulBase?


• Contains 17 naturally occuring amino acids for necessary complex chemical plant reactions
• Contains concentrated fulvic acid levels stronger than competitors
• Contains carbohydrates and amino acids that act as food sources for microbes
• Contains naturally occuring enzymes
• Acts as a soil conditioner
• Acts as a nutrient uptake enhancer
• Acts a natural chelating agent
• Aids in root development and growth
• Aids in seed germination
• Aids in bud site development

Derived from: Brewers grain

Directions for use:

1-3 ml per gallon of water as a drench

1-3 ml per gallon of water in drain to waste hydroponics

1-3 ml per gallon as a foliar

Do not run in recirculating systems for more than 3 days.


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