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Beta Balls

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Massively increase your microbial colonies with our microbial boosting granules. This perfectly blended formulation of trace minerals, kelp, bio char, worm castings extract, molasses, and now inoculated bokashi are ingredients commonly used as food for microbial stimulation. After a drying process, fermented grain extract containing fulvic acid and amino acids are sprayed onto the granules. Additionally, we charge the biochar with beneficial soil microorganisms by injecting the biochar with worm castings extract. Microbes hitch a ride on the biochar porous structure, ready to be inserted and activated into your soil. By using Beta Balls, you will add organic matter and trace elements back into mineral depleted soils. If you desire peak plant performance, use Beta Balls to address your plant's micro needs!

Directions for use:

1-2 tablespoons per gallon pot as an amendment

1-2 tablespoons per gallon tea (just throw it in your teas!)

When used as a top dress, lay a thin layer 1/3 - 1/2" inch thick on the surface of the soil.


• Provides trace minerals for plant growth
• Provides organic matter for better soil structure
• Acts as a food source for bacterial populations
• Acts as a soil conditioner
• Acts as a natural soil buffer to prevent soil acidification
• Contains sugars and carbohydrates
• Contains plant derived fulvic acid and amino acids
• Contains kelp and biochar
• Raises your soils cation exchange capacity
• Made with natural ingredients
• Addresses Laws of Minimum
• Now made with Bokashi inoculated brans

Derived from: Glacial rock dust, basalt, biochar, kelp, molasses, fermented grain extract, worm castings extract, wheat bran


After 48 hours of application, the microbial activity should be visible on the surface of the Beta Balls. During this process, microbes will multiply spreading to surrounding soil and then work to digest the Beta Balls through a process called mineralization thereby making it available to the plant.



Laws of minimum:

According to Carl Sprengel who developed this principle, the laws of minimum merely state that plant growth is not determined by total resources available,
but by the scarcest resource. This means that while your plant may have  abundant sources of Nitrogen, Phosporus, or Potassium, your plants may lack
micro nutrients such as Boron, Molybedenum, Calcium, Magnesium, and others thus inhibiting and stunting growth and limiting your plants full potential. Beta Balls works by introducing these trace minerals back into your soil to ensure that your plant will have these micro nutrients available to the plant for maximum potential growth.