What is FulBase?

FulBase is a proprietary formula developed by Alpha Nutrient that uses biotechnology to create fulvic acid out of carbohydrate sources. This new type of fulvic acid is now known as carbohydrate derived fulvic acid or CHD-FA. This technology is only being implemented by very few sources throughout the world.

What does FulBase contain?

FulBase contains concentrated fulvic acid levels that are higher than competitors. FulBase also contains at least 17 different amino acids, proteins, and carbohydrates.

How is FulBase made?

FulBase is made from a proprietary process that uses microbes and sugars to create fulvic acid.

How many gallons of water can FulBase treat?

FulBase is a concentrated product that is worth its value. One gallon of FulBase can make up to 3,785 gallons of water.

Will FulBase feed my microbes?

FulBase is heavy in brix levels and will feed beneficial micro flora in your medium.

Can I run FulBase in my hydroponic system?

FulBase can be ran in a hydroponic system. Caution is to be exercised when running in a recirulating system. Due to it's organic molecular structure, we recommend you do not run FulBase in a recirculating system for more than 4 days. FulBase works best in hydroponic drain to waste configurations or in soil/coco/peat/soil-coco mixes.

Can I use FulBase as foliar?

Yes, FulBase is effective in foliar applications. Spray once and see your plants reaching for the sky the next day.

Can I use FulBase in rockwool?

We do not recommend FulBase for rockwool configurations.

Is FulBase Organic?

FulBase is made from organic substances and is naturally derived.

Is FulBase compatible in notill or organic growing conditions?

FulBase is notill and organic farming friendly.

Beta Balls

What is Beta Balls?

Beta Balls is a trace mineral complex granule providing a slow time release of beneficial elements into your medium. These elements range from macro elements such as nitrogen and phosphorus to micro elements such as calcium, magnesium, iron, molybdenum, and silicon.

What does Beta Balls do to my soil?

Beta Balls will act as a soil buffer, prevents soil acidification, adds elements into mineral depleted soils, and feed your soil's micro flora. Beta Balls adds organic matter back into soils, helping in soil restoration, and also raises your soil's cation exchange capacity giving your plants easier access to nutrients.

What is in Beta Balls?

Beta Balls contains macro and micro elements from a volcanic source, a glacial source, amino acids, fulvic acids, kelp, biochar, and carbohydrates.

Is Beta Balls organic?

Beta Balls is made from organic substances. There are no chemicals in the production process, only naturally derived ingredients.

What is the white fuzz is growing on my Beta Balls?

This is Beta Balls in action feeding soil micro flora. Beta Balls acts as a food source for microbes in the soil. Use Beta Balls to amplify your soil micro herd.

How do I apply Beta Balls?

There are many different ways to use Beta Balls. You can use it as an amendment, a top dress, or in your teas. As an amendment, use at 2-4 tablespoons per gallon pot. As a top dress lay 1/3" to 1/2" layer at the top of the medium surface. As a tea input, use at 1-2 tablespoons per gallon of nutrient tea. The Beta Balls will break down in your teas and release it's beneficial properties into your compost teas. Feed as you regularly would.

Can I use Beta Balls in a hydroponic setting in rockwool?

No, do not use Beta Balls in rockwool.


What is BioRhize?

BioRhize is a Plant Growth Promoting Rhizobacteria product. It works in the root zone of plants, hence the term rhizobacteria. It contains 5 different types of Bacillus bacteria. These bacteria serve different functions, from fixing nitrogen, to solubilizing phosphorus, to fighting off invasive pathogens, to increasing root mass and growth.

Can I run BioRhize in hydroponics?

Yes, BioRhize can be ran in a hydroponic setting. It is compatible in coco and rockwool configurations.

Can BioRhize be used in soil?

Yes, BioRhize is compatible in soil configurations.

Is BioRhize GMO free?

There are no GMO's in BioRhize.

How do I use BioRhize?

Simply mix into reservoirs or into your mixing containers. Use at 5 ml per gallon of water.

Can I see increased yields with BioRhize?

Yes, BioRhize can positively affect plant yields.

Why is BioRhize expensive?

Compared to other microbial products in the industry, BioRhize is one of the more competitively priced. Our diverse blend of microbes will fulfill different needs that would otherwise require multiple products from other manufacturers to fulfill. Our bacterial product fixes nitrogen, solubilizes phosphorus, enhances root growth, protects the rhizosphere from pathogens, and allows for vigorous plant growth.

Why does BioRhize look clear?

A clear bacterial product should not indicate anything. The microbes in our product use a water based carrier. It has no scent or foul smells and is a clear to milky liquid.