What is Fulvic Acid?

Fulvic acid is an organic substance that is naturally occurring which is found in humus. It is usually created when microorganisms work on decaying plant matter in a slow decomposition process. It is usually yellow to brown in color and exhibits a low molecular weight. In addition to this, fulvic acid is permeable to cell membranes and is biologically very active. Their low molecular weight allows them to bond easily with minerals and other elements to form fulvic acid complexes. As part of the molecular complexes, fulvic acid can be able to carry up to 70 or more minerals and trace elements in its molecular complexes. Fulvic acid is commonly found in liquid form and is commonly used as a soil supplement in agricultural practices. We offer our own specialized type of fulvic acid that comes from a carbohydrate derived source. Our fulvic acid supplement "FulBase" comes as a liquid substance, similar in appearance to molasses. Let's dwell further into the understandings of fulvic acid....


Fulvic acid has been in use years before the advent of artificial fertilizers. This was the plants natural way of chelating nutrients for nutrient absorption. However, nowadays fulvic acid levels have greatly been reduced in the soil due to the artificial and synthetic chemicals that are being used. These chemicals kill the microbes that produce the naturally occurring fulvic acid. Therefore, it is usually recommended to supplement the soil with liquid fulvic acid to make it healthy and to bring life back into your soil for growth of crops. This is because fulvic acid is very important in facilitating the uptake of nutrients by plants.


The organic structure of fulvic acid comprises of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen atoms (C14H12O8). Ancient plants have been known to have had ample naturally occurring fulvic acid from decaying matter. Therefore, this organic substance has been in use for millions of years to supplement the soil. Think of it as Nature’s way of naturally replenishing itself with the biology necessary for healthy growth. From the structure of fulvic acid, the hydrogen-carbon-ratio is seen to be greater than 1:1, this means that it has less aromatic character and also more acidic character than humus itself. It is usually reactive with nutrient ions to form strong complexes which are highly soluble in water and can therefore be absorbed easily by plants.


In general, fulvic acid can be said to be the best agricultural supplement that can be added to soil so that its original productivity can be regained. In addition to this, it has also been found out that crop products produced from soils that are rich in fulvic acids have higher nutritious value compared to the others. Alpha Nutrient FulBase will not only enhance nutrient uptake, but due to the high levels of brix found in the solution will also improve your taste, smell, appearance, flavor, and mineral content of your crops. So why not give our fulvic acid a try? Order samples to your local hydro store free of charge today and experience the wonders of fulvic acid yourself!