The Benefits of Biostimulants in Cannabis and Agriculture

Benefits of the Use of Biostimulants in Agriculture & Cannabis Farming

Utilizing biostimulants to enhance and fortify your cannabis garden is a fantastic way to get greener, vigorous crops in a way that is much more ecofriendly to the environment than traditional farming.

Many advantages can be obtained through using biostimulants by the plant, the soil and most of all, the living organisms within the ecosystem. Let's discuss some of those advantages:

1. Bio-stimulants enhances nutrient uptake by the plant

In easy terms, microbes and plants require carbon, nitrate, phosphate, potassium, many micro elements, sugars and carbohydrates; several bio-stimulants supply some or all of those components, whilst others offer substrates on which soil and plant microbes endure to create these components accessible to improve the development of the plant.

2. Biostimulants enhances soil structure and chemical properties

Physically, humic compounds enhance soil structure, producing space to keep oxygen, save water and enhance drainage; and they encourage soil agglomeration. Chemically, humic compounds are negatively charged and boost cation exchange capacity (CEC), i.e. the soil's capability to retain nutrients and decrease leaching and coat dirt particles from positively charged nutrients, including potassium, calcium, magnesium, iron and micro nutrients. One way humic acids decrease soil pH, is by responding with all the calcium carbonate from the soil to generate carbon dioxide and, even when excessive quantities of inorganic compounds are implemented, humic compounds can lower sodium and other mineral compounds from the soil by exchanging them for different cations, e.g. calcium.

3. Diseases and Stress Resistant
There are instances where your garden may get stressed with an assortment of different facets. Insects like damaging nematodes, parasites and mites may stress vegetation in indoor and outdoor environments. In other instances where insects or surroundings don't play a role in vegetation problems, it can be that cannabis roots can't extract the required nutrients in the surrounding land because of the lack of available nutrient ions in that soil (like in chemical farming). These situations that indoubtedly cause plant stress, may be relieved with the usage of bio-stimulants. From family plants, fruit trees, vegetable gardens and even lawns including the usage of bio-stimulants for their maintenance is similar to when people take a multivitamin. Biostimulants help to reinforce plant growth with natural amino acids, vitamins and other naturally (organic) based nutrients. Adding biostimulants can save your own plants' life out of suffering from environmental stress and can help to fix some stress associated damage which might have an impact on final yields, especially in plants as damage sensitive as cannabis.

4. Stimulation of Physiological Growth and Development
Once the use of biostimulants are introduced, there is an assortment of reactions which will start to occur. Plant life creation of RNA (Ribonucleic Acid) that binds proteins to fight anxiety/stress is magnified by the biostimulants. This means it increases the manufacturing of this compound in the plant that helps the plant recover from the stress that was induced. Chlorophyll content inside the vegetation increases generating more healthy leaves and shoots. The vegetation will also start to get an increase in ion uptake, nucleic acid synthesis and also much better conversion of the photosynthesis process within the plant. Antioxidant action within the plant will increase, allowing the plant to recover from polluting oxidant bio-compounds. The usage of biostimulants can allow you to attain a natural and chemical free method of strengthening vegetation and aiding recovery in stressful situations. Another advantage which comes to light will be in that of biostimulants being an effective force of regenerating once poor soils, into healthy lively soils filled with nutritional value.

5. Benefits from using other types of biostimulants

Fish hydrolysate is essentially fish mashed together, degraded by enzymes. It's high protein content is very good for increasing protein for the plant in times of anxiety. Fish Hydrolysate is just another fantastic growth promoter that can be applied at any time during the season when you want to reinvigorate the soil with microbial promoting compounds. The amino acids in fish hydrolysate also helps the plant in complex biochemical processes, some of which are still unknown, but known to be highly beneficial to plants.

6. Other biostimulants

Chitin is a polymer comprising of nitrogen and other elements and is extremely common as part of critters and insects bodily structure. In insects bodily structures, just cellulose is much more abundant than chitin. It's located in arthropods, insects, algae and fungi and returned into the ground when they die/decompose. Implementing chitin has many beneficial effects, one of which is improving bacterial growth. Additionally, it raises carbohydrate production in the plant and also raises plant responses to cold and heat.

Seaweed usage is an intricate subject, with several distinct kinds of source material using four common extraction procedures generating products which have distinct properties, but in several respects, all seaweed extracts have comparable results. Seaweed extracts behave as biostimulants on the microbes in the soil due to the carbon and carbon content and diversity of nutrients which act as a microbial resource and booster. They exhibit microbial and fungi development properties necessary for breaking down nutrients and making them available to the plant.

Cold pressed seaweeds using a smaller molecular arrangement are easily absorbed by the plant and also operate nicely on the plant, chiefly because of the existence of plant compounds: auxins, cytokinins, gibberellins.

Now that you understand some of the benefits of using biostimulants, you can see why at Alpha Nutrient, we don't just manufacturer organic nutrients, we create biostimulants. It's important to distinguish that not all organic nutrients are biostimulants. Our products have the benefits of both being organically derived while also having biostimulating effects on plants. Our biostimulating products include: Beta Balls, BioRhize, MycoRhize, FulBase, Omega Grow & Bloom. They all function and behave like biostimulants, even better when combined and used as they were designed (to work in conjunction with each other). Visit our webstore to learn more about these products today!


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